Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin: Self Portrait with a Hat

Paul Gauguin (Full name: Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin) was a French post-Impressionist active between 1880 and 1903.

Gauguin learned to paint is his free time in 1873 while working as a Stockbroker. After leaving his career to become a full time artist, he quickly became friends with contemporaries such as Vincent Van Gogh, Camille Pissarro and Edgar Degas.

He painted in Paris from 1880 until becoming frustrated with his general lack of success and setting sail to French colony Tahiti (part of French Polynesia) in search of something more exotic and interesting to inspire him.

After landing in capital Papeete, he was disappointed to see that it was already very colonised by the French, however eventually found what he was looking for in a smaller village away from the Capital.

He painted dozens of pictures here, primarily of the native people in the Primitivism style as well as landscapes, eventually coming back to France in 1893 bankrupt with aims of finally achieving success exhibiting in Paris.

This is not come into fruition, however, as he was largely upstaged by the now late Vincent Van Gogh’s works.

Paul Gauguin raised more money and again set said for a second stint in Tahiti two years later in 1895 – he would never return to France. Gauguin died in Tahiti in 1903.

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