Girl with a Broom: Rembrandt

Rembrandt: Girl with a Broom

Despite being widely attributed to Rembrandt, Girl with a Broom of 1651 is likely at least partly to be the work of one of the Baroque painter’s pupils, Carel Fabritius. Yet the hallmarks of the master’s painting are here: his subtle degrees of light and shade and a keen sense of the psychological in the face of the girl leaning over the fence which looks out at us enquiringly.

It is as if the girl is questioning why she should be painted performing such a menial task, asking for a justification for the Netherlandish revival of genre painting, i.e. the painting of everyday life.

This picture is in the National Gallery of Art in Washington after being bequest by Andrew Mellon in 1937. Mellon purchased from the Russian State during the Hermitage sale in 1931


  1. Rembrandt painted composites for his students to copy such as this copy in the national gallery who hasn’t discovered any facts and only assumes.Everything is rembrandts until proven otherwise. Where is the original this museum copied the original that’s why they painted over it with their paint not rembrandts. Because of these false claims that a student did it it’s going to be hard to prove the truth. Use your eyes and the facts are clear. Was rembrandt painting in 1651 yes. Does it match the style of rembrandts technique yes. Was it signed rembrandt yes. Was it ever analyzed for pigments and mixtures to match rembrandts no. There’s not enough proof it wasn’t done by rembrandt only this copy was done by someone else many years later when the real rembrandt the girl with the broom began to fade and decay mostly the right eye and around the broom and sleeve on the right. There is definitely an original they copied this imatation of the later years with a no purpose providence they gave it. Who would copy a worn out faded decaying painting . Carel fribitus was no where near the great rembrandt. Everything fribitus did blew up in a gunpowder explosion he probably caused he was killed by it so how did girl with the broom survive. It didn’t it was copied and ended up with Mellon who freely have it to a museum who then destroyed it with a paint over. Good luck proving otherwise. MS

  2. I’ll bet this painting was painted in rembrandts house not his studio and it’s the house maid rembrandt who he let live with him. So it’s rembrandt who painted the first painting not a student. Then it has been copied as you can see in the nga collection all filled in with unmatching paint it looks horrible.


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